Dance students from the Teatro del Lago receive scholarship to study in Philadelphia

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Dance students from the Teatro del Lago receive scholarship to study in Philadelphia

Partial scholarships were awarded following an audition which the Chilean classical dancer Sebastián Vinet organized at the Teatro del Lago through his programme “Los bailarines del mañana” (Dancers of Tomorrow).

Two students from the dance department of the Escuela de las Artes have received scholarships as part of the programme “Dancers of Tomorrow”, having auditioned on June 10 at the Teatro del Lago: Marianne Pinochet (15) and Emilia Mansilla (12). Altogether, there were 12 applicants aged 13 to 19, half of them from Southern Chile, who had applied for scholarships for dance schools in New York, Salt Lake City and Philadelphia. “Los bailarines del mañana” is a project directed by the Chilean classical dancer Sebastián Vinet, designed to support Chilean dancers and give them greater opportunities.

“The fact that our young people can go abroad to enrich their training and widen their horizons makes us proud. Furthermore, we believe that it’s important for students to have this experience, to participate in an audition, because this gives them practice and offers insights how they can further their careers. We are glad to have been part of ‘Dancers of Tomorrow’,” says Rita Rossi, director of the dance department at the Escuela de las Artes.

Marianne Pinochet (15) has been a student at the dance department of the Escuela de las Arts since 2017. She says: “This scholarship represents a great step for me, as it is the first time I have received a scholarship for study abroad. It is a wonderful opportunity, and I believe it will help me enormously to improve my technique and get to know other perspectives on dance.”

Emilia Mansilla (12), another a dance student at the Teatro del Lago’s School of the Arts: “It means recognition for the tenacity, perseverance and commitment shown by myself, my family and my teachers. It is also a chance to grow in this discipline, for to me, ballet is not just a hobby, it is prat of me and my passion.”

The Teatro del Lago was the auditions venue in Southern Chile. In Santiago, another audition took place at the Teatro Municipal de Las Condes. It is activities such as these which exemplify the mission and task of the School to give its dance students access to continuous education and learning opportunities. Marianne and Emilia will travel to the Rock School for Dance Education in Philadelphia during the coming summer to hone their ballet skills.

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