Over the past ten years, it has become one of Latin America’s leading theatres, distinguished for the quality of its artistic season, infrastructure, and outstanding acoustics as well as the unique opportunity it offers artists to actively participate in its educational mission.

Teatro del Lago places its emphasis on art, innovation, education, and territory, and those foundations inform and infuse its artistic and educational undertakings.

It is also a place for economic, political, and social encounters for Latin America, a place to gather around culture, creativity, and development, bringing leaders together and contributing to the positioning and the image of Chile.


Frutillar’s choral tradition, already centuries old, was further strengthened by the creation of the Music Weeks in 1968. Supported by the Chilean-German League of Santiago and under the direction of Robert Dick, Arturo Junge, Alfredo Daetz, and Flora Inostroza, this event grew in importance over time and eventually became one of the driving forces for the construction of a world-class theatre in Frutillar.


Teatro del Lago is not only a stage for music, dance and theatre, but also offers multiple experiences in this grand building on the shores of Lake Llanquihue. Over the past ten years, the theatre has become an icon of the city of Frutillar and the region, a place for gathering and inspiration, and has witnessed cultural change leading to decentralization and integration through the arts.


Teatro del Lago Foundation Board of Directors


The Teatro del Lago Foundation contributes to the country in diverse areas. Not only does it promote the dissemination of and contact with music and the arts in and from the regions, but it has become a promoter of artistic training and also contributes to the development of the regional economy, decentralization, and the international positioning of Chile.


Teatro del Lago is situated in Frutillar, a city in southern Chile, an ideal place for innovating and exploring new opportunities for development. Because of its small scale, each initiative has enormous transformative impact. Frutillar projects harmonious local growth for the future, integrating its cultural, historical, patrimonial and architectural identity with the challenges and innovations of the 21st century. A location that opens up to the world through the arts and flourishes through an ecosystem empowering creative industries and the orange economy.