Creative city by UNESCO

Teatro del Lago is situated in Frutillar, a city in southern Chile, an ideal place for innovating and exploring new opportunities for development.

Because of its small scale, each initiative has enormous transformative impact. Frutillar projects harmonious local growth for the future, integrating its cultural, historical, patrimonial and architectural identity with the challenges and innovations of the 21st century. A location that opens up to the world through the arts and flourishes through an ecosystem empowering creative industries and the orange economy.

Creative City of Music

Thanks to its world-class performances, master classes, and forums, the Teatro del Lago Foundation has contributed to the decentralization of culture and helps position the image of Chile abroad.

In 2017, Frutillar was named Creative City of Music by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). This resulted from the cooperation between the Municipality of Frutillar, the Teatro del Lago Foundation, Frutillar’s Music Weeks, and Frutillar’s Sustainable Development Plan (PLADES).

With this recognition, Frutillar became the first Chilean city to join a select group of thirty cities around the world that stand out for their strong connection with the musical arts. Being part of this network has enabled Frutillar to continue positioning itself culturally around the world and implementing actions that extend the impact of the creative industry on the city.

PLADES Foundation

The Teatro del Lago Foundation is committed to the ongoing decentralization of the country and public-private work as a means of promoting progress and development. That is why it plays an active role in the Foundation for the Sustainable Development of Frutillar; (PLADES), a public-private organization that works in association with the municipality and the community in designing and implementing a sustainable development plan for Frutillar.

The PLADES Foundation seeks to ensure the city’s organic and integrated growth, from a social as well as urban and environmental standpoint. To do so, it has developed a vision base on participation, outlined in a master plan and a portfolio of projects planned through 2030. On a day-to-day basis, the foundation’s team develops initiatives that aim to interpret and materialize its vision, always in line with the municipal, regional and national agenda.

Territorial Integration Programme: “Llanquihue Lake, Creative Destination”

This programme is aligned with the undertaking and commitments that the city of Frutillar has with UNESCO. Its purpose is to contribute to the development and synergy of the creative and tourism industries around Llanquihue Lake, positioning it as a creative destination, both in Chile and internationally, diversifying the production matrix, and developing touristic offerings that revolve around music, the audio-visual industry, handicrafts and gastronomy.

This programme is co-funded by CORFO, the Teatro del Lago Foundation, SERNATUR, the Municipality of Frutillar and the PLADES Foundation.