The School of the Arts aims to promote creativity and the development of socio-emotional skills in children, youth, and adults through comprehensive training in the disciplines of dance and music, as well as promoting co-creation within an inclusive and joyful space.

Even before Teatro del Lago had been officially inaugurated, its School of the Arts was already teaching children, youth, and adults in various disciplines and providing them with exceptional opportunities for educational experiences—such as taking lead roles on stage as well as interacting with experienced artists—but, above all else, it is a school where neither age nor career intentions matter. The primary objective is to provide people with meaningful artistic experiences that contribute to their overall development.


Increasing challenges of society require integrated education that helps to better face these challenges. Understanding music and dance as well as other artistic expressions and, even more so, their execution and constant practice, improves educational performance in general and the quality of life of each individual, thus contributing to the development of a less aggressive, more balanced, creative and happy community.

Creativity will be, in the upcoming generation, one of the highest valued skills for resolving complexities in the social sphere, the workplace, the search for natural resources and in the understanding of nations and individuals.

Teatro del Lago’s School of the Arts is an artistic, cultural and educational centre for the region and the country, a place where people incorporate the arts into their daily lives. The School aims to contribute to raising the quality of life, improving education through music and the arts and thereby achieving a society that is better integrated, diverse and innovative. It is a place where dreams are pursued by those who wish to make dance and music a part of their lives. This is where co-creation is promoted.

Since 2010, of the more than 6,000 students that have attended Teatro del Lago’s School of the Arts, 45% have benefitted from full or partial scholarships.

Since its creation in 2007, over 6,500 young people and adults from the community of Frutillar and other cities in the country have become acquainted with instrumental music, song and dance through courses offered at Teatro del Lago’s School of the Arts.


The Teatro del Lago Foundation is committed to social inclusion, ensuring places for new students each year,
and awarding scholarships to those without sufficient resources to otherwise participate.

Since its creation, its programmes and courses
free of charge and/or accessible through scholarships
have benefited more than 170,000 people.

Dance and Music

The School of Music

The Teatro del Lago School of Music is an educational space open to the community that offers two curricular cycles—initial and elementary—and provides students with the tools needed to enjoy and have a broad appreciation of music with instruments such as flute, violin, viola, cello, and piano.

These initial studies allow the development of skills and content necessary for the intermediate cycle, which is for those who want to immerse themselves further in the study of music.

School of Dance

The Teatro del Lago School of Dance focuses on the study of classical ballet and contemporary dance and encourages its students to strengthen their technical, expressive, and creative abilities in dance while preparing their educational route toward becoming versatile artists prepared for diverse challenges.

Each year, the students of the School of Dance have the opportunity to take an exam for an international certificate from the Royal Academy of Dance of London (RAD), one of the world’s most important dance institutions, to accredit their level of learning.