With its free, socially inclusive educational programmes, the Teatro del Lago Foundation aims to demonstrate to students that artistic development can be a driver of change. By doing so, it achieves another form of socio-educational intervention, in that it acts as a protective factor against situations of conflict and the risk of social exclusion.

Educating through music and dance foste healthy growth, propelling the development of aesthetic sensitivity, a life of emotions and personal development. The School’s, teaching staff commands broad artistic experience and teaching skills.


The educational dance and inclusion programme, Puedes Bailar, loffered by the Teatro del Lago Foundation with the support of the Gabriel and Mary Mustakis Foundation, is free to the community and has brought together more than 500 young people since 2013.

The Teatro del Lago Foundation was inspired to develop this programme by the experience portrayed in the film Rhythm Is It!, which shows that “a dance class can change your life.” This educational programme exceeded all expectations of the Teatro del Lago team—the directors, teachers, and participants and was the motivation for repeating the experience in subsequent years.


School choir directors in the Los Lagos Region and students participating in the Puedes Cantar programme, offered in alliance with the Ibáñez Atkinson Foundation, received training from teachers of the Teatro del Lago School of the Arts.

The support of the Ibáñez Atkinson Foundation has made it possible for students at the Teatro del Lago School of Music to receive scholarships as a means of promoting and strengthening choral activity in the greater southern region.


This educational programme seeks to provide students with an introduction to the different artistic disciplines through a concert or a work of dance, music, theatre, or opera. The artists share their discipline interactively in a way that is didactic, educational, and participatory. Students learn along with their teachers and then continue learning in the classroom through teaching guides that accompany each Eduvida event.


As part of its commitment to being a theatre open to the community and  promoting the inclusion and education of audiences in music and the arts, Teatro del Lago also make seats available at its presentations to provide an unforgettable artistic experience for students from all over the country.


The doors of Teatro del Lago are always open to students from all over the country, so they can learn about its history, its architecture, and even what goes on behind the scenes through guided tours and artistic activities led by the teachers of the Teatro del Lago School of the Arts.


Student delegations have the opportunity to access exclusive presentations of some of the shows that are part of the Theatre’s artistic and educational season.