Mikael Birchmeier-Epprecht

13-year-old Mikael Birchmeier-Epprecht, an enthusiastic chorister who also receives piano and violin lessons and plays in the School’s Piccolo Orchestra.

“Cities around the world should follow in the Theater’s footsteps”


Mikael Birchmeier-Epprecht (13), scholarship recipient since 2017 at the Escuela de las Artes Teatro del Lago. He participates in the choir, studies piano and violin, and is an active member of the Piccolo Orchestra.

At the School I have learned that I can achieve anything I set my heart on and I’m very grateful. Art offers people an opportunity to look inward, to be happier—I can’t imagine life without it.
Since I was a little kid, I’ve enjoyed classical music because mis parents would always listen to that in addition to other musical genres. When we moved to Frutillar, I learned about what was known as Teatro del Lago, that it welcomed international artists and had a School of the Arts where they taught violin and so, I enrolled when I was in fifth grade. Later I realized that I could also take up piano, an instrument that I loved, so I decided to learn it as well. In short, in the span of two years after setting down in Frutillar, I was already studying violin, piano, and choir at the School of the Arts. My whole life is now focused on music and I realize that I want to be a musician, that I want to do this all my life.

I feel that my story is a good representation of what happens to the students here at the School of the Arts, because, in a way, we have all had our lives changed a little by the Theater. What happens here in Frutillar can only be experienced here and in Europe. There’s a reason why we are in the Creative City of Music—the only one in Chile. You can see the impact that Teatro del Lago has.

Kids here have the opportunity to study music, which is great, and people who really don’t have the resources to apply to lessons can find a way here. Cities around the world should follow in the Theater’s footsteps. It’s setting a great example.


What are your thoughts on the opportunity to connect with the artists who come to perform at Teatro del Lago?
Artists like Yo-Yo Ma -who has been here twice-, Maxim Vengerov, Diana Damrau…, you don’t often get a chance to see them live. The Theater also makes it possible for us to have classes with some of them. That is something wonderful, it’s really cool. It is not something that you can find in any city in the world, and the fact that Frutillar is involved in this, makes me feel very proud. Teatro del Lago is one of a kind.


What does music mean to you?
Music is a part of my life. I have already decided my future as a musician and music has opened many doors for me. Many things that can be applied to life can be found in a musical arrangement.
Music gives me joy. When I’m on stage, the process of making and sharing music with others makes me happy. I am thrilled that people can enjoy the music.

Mikael Birchmeier Epprecht