Mara Osorio pursues her professional career in England

the 19-year-old ballerina Mara Osorio Holms, now studying for three years at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, UK.

Dance student from Escuela de las Artes Teatro del Lago pursues her professional career in England
Mara Osorio, a student with a ten-year trajectory at Escuela de las Artes Teatro del Lago, is about to start an exciting new chapter in her life: leaving Frutillar, Chile and the School that witnessed her grow, for the Northen School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, England, to pursue a professional dance career for three years.
Mara Osorio (19 years old) began her ballet education in 2010 in the dance branch of the Escuela de las Artes Teatro del Lago. There she actively participated in the Theater’s seasonal productions, taking the opportunity to interact with dancers and choreographers such as:
Antonin Tobee Cattaruzza, Marianela Núñez, Paloma Herrrera, Avatâra Ayuso, Christopher Huggins and Esdras Hernández.
Seeking to further her education and complement her studies, she has also attended intensive courses in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica and the United States led by the likes of Luke Jessop, Estefania Dondi, Zebastian Mendez, Livia Balazova, Diego Alvarez and Vladimir Rodriguez.


What do you like about dance?
I like the way you connect with other people, it’s very real, the bond that arises from movement. The body is a universal language that we all share. Dance has shaped me as a person, I give it credit for my ideals and my way of thinking.


In what way do you think the artistic education provided by the Theater impacts on the  region?
The fact that a 12-year-old girl can get on the main stage of the Theater is a very powerful message, because it proves to the children and the audience that it is possible, that you can do it too. In Chile, if you want to follow an artistic career, it is hard to find support. Teatro del Lago has inspired many children in the region who have discovered a whole new world by taking up an artistic discipline and wish to pursue it further, regardless of whether it is professionally or not. That is a gift for any person’s life.

Mara Osorio