Building an orchestra of one’s own is one of the great goals of every music school and every theatre either side of the equator.

The Teatro del Lago has made a huge step in this direction, due to a generous gift from the German circle of friends, Teatro del Lago e.V. From its 2020 funds, a sum of € 28,000 was sent to Chile. This enabled the Teatro to buy a total of 15 string instruments (violins, violas, cellos and double basses).

Fortunately, the president of the association, Hugo von Liechtenstein, was also able to wire another sum of € 3.848, earmarked by its donor for education at Casa Richter, where the School of the Arts is located. This financial contribution will be used for scholarships for children and teenagers, giving them access to music or dance lessons.

The orchestra Camerata Teatro del Lago includes advanced students of the instrumental classes.
“These contributions are fundamental for us at EDLA, we need them to keep building our theatre school, with good instruments and good conditions for quality artistic education – something we have long been known for,” says Joao Aboim, director of the Escuela de las Artes EDLA.