A donation of orchestra chairs

The Kossmann Foundation and the Freundeskreis Teatro del Lago Deutschland e.V. made a generous donation of 120 orchestra chairs that were premiered at English Baroque Soloists & Monteverdi Choir concert directed by British Conductor Sir John Eliot Gardiner.

One special event last year was the generous donation of 120 orchestral chairs by the Fundación Kossmann and the Friends of Teatro del Lago Germany e.V. This highly welcome gesture from the German-Chilean Kossmann family – the East German naval engineer Eberhard Kossmann immigrated to Chile in 1961, founding the largest private shipyard on the South American Pacific coast – enabled the Teatro del Lago to install professional orchestra seating made in Germany. Our heartfelt thanks to the Kossmann Family, which thereby supports the artistic work of Teatro del Lago and also emphasizes the ties between Germany and this region! The orchestra chairs were inaugurated with a ceremony in November 2019, when the English Baroque Soloists & Monteverdi Choir appeared at the Teatro del Lago, led by the great English conductor Sir John Eliot Gardiner.